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International Amsterdam Sevens – May 2020

Amsterdam 7’s is hosted at AAC Rugby Club every year.

It was the early seventies when my father, then president of AAC, went on a simple beer drinking holiday. He mused with his drinking buddies over ways to bring more international rugby teams to the Netherlands. The guys encouraged him saying, ‘Organise an international Sevens tournament!’ He liked the idea, and so invitations were sent to foreign teams.In 1972 it finally happened: Twelve teams came to Amsterdam. The previously skeptical had to eat their words when teams like the Barbarians took to the field. The tournament was a success and quickly grew. By the second year, there were forty teams. The slogan ‘Top rugby in relaxed atmosphere,’ was born. The game was played seriously, but at the same time on the sidelines, fifty barrels of beer were delivered. – Leo Bogers, lifetime AACer 

We are now almost 50 years later and the Amsterdam 7’s Tournament still goes strong!

Whether you’re on the pitch or watching from the sidelines, one thing is certain, this Amsterdam Sevens Rugby tournament represents Rugby as a way of life in all shapes and sizes. Don’t miss out and be there 30 & 31 May 2020.

The power of the 7s game, the amazing atmosphere, the refined VIP-deck and the bustling entertainment square guarantee passionate post-match discussion, full pitchers, good food and great tunes for players and spectators

Foto’s by: Kevin Scott

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