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AAC Rugby is de oudste en belangrijkste rugbyvereniging van Amsterdam. AAC teams spelen op alle nivo’s in Nederland, heren, dames , veteranen and jeugd. Ook twee Barbarians, George de Vries and Samantha Martinez Gion.

Voor iedere rugbyliefhebber is er plaats bij AAC Rugby. Ervaring is niet van belang, enthousiasme wel. Als je wil komen trainen en spelen kom dan eens langs of neem contact. Details hieronder.

Heren Rugby: King Bala – +31(0)6 1839 2455

Dames Rugby: Pieter Schoonraad –




AAC is the oldest Rugby Club in Amsterdam. It has been the leading rugby club in Amsterdam for almost 90 years. In this time it has produced many international players, men, women, youth and even two Barbarians, George de Vries and Samantha Martinez Gion.

At AAC everyone is invited to play the game and train with one of our teams. We cater for Senior (very senior) as well as all youth teams and ladies too. Through it’s long history, many nationalities have turned out for the AAC Rugby Club. At the last count, we had over 15 different nationalities in the Mens & Women’s section.

As any serious sporting club we are looking for players that want to start playing the game or players that would like to develop their game. Experience is not important, enthusiasm is.

If you would like to find out what it is like to be part of rugby in Amsterdam, please feel free to contact us:

Mens Rugby: King Bala – +31(0)6 1839 2455

Ladies Rugby: Pieter Schoonraad –

Other enquiries:

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