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Dik Mulder…

I thought Dik was one of the best rugby players I have ever had the pleasure of being on the same team with. I envisioned us playing at Twickenham against the Harlequins my old club or Loughborough Colleges in the final of the then UK sevens tournament – ok in the 1970’s.. we are old, older oldest..!

He was strong, clever and had short legs with a great turn of pace – everything the modern rugby player needs to have. If Dik was not Dutch or lived in a proper rugby playing country, we would be honouring one of the greats of the Rugby world, believe me – that is how good he was..

But I do not want to talk about Dik Mulder the rugby player. Although many of my memories of him were as a stalwart in AAC’s most successful 7’s teams in the 1970’s and we can go on about that for hours. It is a long time ago – and people forget, not a problem, understandable.

No – I want to talk about Dik Mulder the person…

When I walked into AAC Rugby Club House one September night in 1972 – the first face I saw was that of Dik Mulder. His face lit up and was welcoming – so much so that I felt I had come home. It has been that way for me ever since and will also be that way for me at AAC, because of Dik.

This guy was so warm, had such a sense of humour and such a love of people that it is very hard to find such people these days. I think I can say from the bottom of my heart, these type of guys are a dying breed – literally. Dik was an exception and one of a kind. So absolutely genuine with an Amsterdamse sense of humour – a killer combination to love.

It is always sad to say goodbye – I have spent my whole life saying ‘goodbye’ to people I have met in my life. The bad ones get forgotten – the good ones remain forever, in our memory and our thoughts.

Dik was genuine, Dik was good, Dik was OK…

Dik, has always been in my thoughts. He will always remain in my thoughts and now my memories.

I am sure everyone of you have a special place for Dik in your memories, he was one of the best and will remain so, at least for me –

Dik thank you that you were a part of my life in whatever form. Thank you.

I am sure you had a wonderful life – and that is all we can wish for.

Great Guy ! Love you !

Robert Moxon.

(ingezonden via Maddie Delorie)

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