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Demian zond een mailtje rond met een kort verslag van de verrichtingen van de mannen op de USRS Sevens:

“In total there were 8 teams divided in 2 pools.

Our pool was with the Pink Panthers, The Hague and Castricumse.

We won the first match against the Pink Panthers by 4 tries against 1.

The second match against The Hague was supposed to be more difficult, but we managed to get the same positive results as the first match. We won 4 tries against 1.

By this time we knew that we were qualified for the semi-finals.

The last game of the pool was against Castricumse and we lost 15-10.

In the semi-finals we played against Utrecht, (not the host team but the Ereklase team ). After probably the worst first half we had in the day, we managed to recover and have the last play of the match with the opportunity to tie the game.

Unfortunately we couldn’t do this and lost 4 tries against 3.

Overall I believe it was a good performance. The Tournament was won by Castricumse.They defeated Utrecht for a bigger difference than they defeated us.

As you can see guys, after a not very good 15 season, we started the 7’s season in a very promising way.”

Me dunkt; een prima prestatie van de mannen.

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