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Tolly in de nieuwsbrief:

Dames AAC vs Tilburg (final score 24 – 5)

The Battle everyone was waiting for!

Just to give you some background information to help you understand the history of the Game of the Season!

– Finals 2008 AAC vs Tilburg, AAC went home with the title!

– Finals 2009 AAC vs Tilburg, again AAC Landskampion!

– Play offs 2010 AAC vs Tilburg, AAC qualified for the finals and result Landskampion XXX

Season 10/11 was supposed to start tough and rough with AAC – Tilburg, this game was postponed as Tilburg requested this (due to missing players) and we rather play fair game then no game (no excuses). In December when it was time for the return game the NRB called all games off due to the bad weather conditions. So both games rescheduled and a new count down started. With only a few weeks to go and not too many weekends to choose from AAC Dames united said “Bring it on” for the 6th of February even though this would mean Inge, Mara, Linda and Alo selected for the NL 7’s squad would miss all the fun!

I know I was not the only one nervous before the game, standing Nr 1 with 50 points in Ereklasse Dames playing against Nr 2 (41 points) and both teams only 10 games played against other teams who played 12 games, this could be the turning point.

Afterwards I giggle and think “Why on earth was I nervous?”

With our fantastic team spirit – on pitch and off pitch, individual skills and talents we played this game as one team! I think if we trust ourselves we trust others, I like to quote Niki who wrote in an email before the game “Sas heeft het all under control en in the pocket!!!”

Thanks to Sas and everyone coming to training on good days and bad days, we definitely could say that we had Tilburg “under control en in the pocket!!!”

What did AAC have on the pitch which Tilburg didn’t have?

Our retired Zita who is happy to come back and nurse a game or two, semi-retired Tessa who made halfbreaks! Touch playing Anita at flyhalf making hands off! Pita as our captain and allowed to talk to referee! Debbie who’s probably quickest hooker in NL! You can always trust Nienke has your back! Mirjam as our anchor in the scrum! The running flame Myrthe! Our Aruba Stafanie practicing her judo tackles (don’t tell referee) on the pitch! Ex voetballer Elisabeth with her experience kicks on! Our roomies Nicole and Niki no one can push over! Pony walker Eva who spins the defense! And no easy cookies with our Kokkie! A Miluska who saves the day with her flying tackles! Kim who rather play with AAC girls then her ASCRUM boyfriend!

I also like thank our supporters and everyone who came to watch us – It’s a Goose bumping feeling when you hear the crowd go Ooh, Yes! Tackle! Woohoo! Rennen!

We have three away games before Play offs and Play offs here we come!

The only dark cloud is that out newbie Miluska is not able to play rest of the season because her “diagnose is voorlopig gescheurde mediale banden (aan de binnenkant) en met een MRI willen ze kijken of de kruisbanden nog wel heel zijn”. DUS – STERKTE MILUSKA!

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