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De Turven:
AAC 2 – 7 Hilversum (ze hebben echt zitten te suffen!)
AAC 8 – 7 Bulldogs Almere
(Hilversum 5 – 5 Bulldogs Almere)
AAC/Hilversum Combo 4 – 4 Bulldogs Almere Combo

AAC – RCH 5-4
AAC – Buldogs2 8-4
AAC – Buldogs1 5-3

RTC results
Whilst the non-RTC minis were on their way home from a tough day, seven of our Minis were at Castricum being put through their paces by very experienced coaches.
The outcome was that six are through to the next round. This is a great result and I hope that we can keep it up.
Whatever the final result is, the Minis are getting vital training and experience which will help the whole team.

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